Wooden LED Light Box
Product Detail


Max Size1200mmX900mm
Color temperature3000K 4100K 5300K  
Working EnvironmentOnly Indoor
Advantages1. Flexible customize any frame shape 2. Conveniently replace poster

3. Multiple of solids wooden surface treatmen        

* Conventional led light box only can be rectangle and square shape, Misung innovatively producing wooden light   box could be any customized LED Light Box shape with light weight and conveniently   replacement. Misung is able to offer a variety of wooden surface options to clients

MS#19 Misung Standard Color


                     AR125                                           8AJ022-1                                                 P0036-1

(Wooden Frame Surface color)               (Wooden Frame Surface color)        (Wooden Frame Surface color)

MS#19 Misung Optional Color

Mounting Options

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